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When it comes to eCommerce websites, or an eCommerce redesign, you need a partner that is focused and experienced in providing companies the best in professional e-Commerce web design solutions. With a team of experts under one roof, OuterBox's goal is provide you with all of the necessary design, development and marketing services to be successful online. With platform features such as unlimited products and categories, to a secure one- page checkout, we make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website perfect for your business. There is no limit to what your eCommerce site can achieve when providing your products or services online.

eCommerce Website Features

Having a solid eCommerce platform is the foundation of your online business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining completely customizable. Our team can discuss your needs in custom functionality and tailor a solution that matches your brand and eCommerce goals.

  • The E-Commerce Web Application developed by Aeroi would have the following features and functionalities:


    Customer - Features & Capabilities

    This e-commerce portal will enable your customers to do the following:

    Register and become a member of the site
    Search products of their interest
    Select the products of their choice
    Add those products to shopping cart
    Check the total invoice amount
    Pay the invoice amount using PayPal/Credit Card
    Purchase products online
    Choose the preferred mode of shipping
    Take a print of their invoice
    Email invoice to their account

    Site Owner/Admin - Features & Capabilities

    This e-commerce portal will enable site owner/admin to do the following:

    Register and become the Administrator
    Add latest products on daily basis
    Modify the product description / price / photographs
    Edit/modify/add unlimited web pages and create links
    Create or Update latest news and product/seasonal/festival offers
    Get e-mail notification on every purchase done online
    Update latest news online
    Approve or disapprove the customer registrations
    Check the customer log and invoice log
    Download the sales report in excel format
    Change the terms and policy details
    Take a report on daily sales
    Print or Email the reports

    The real challenge falls where people are most scared of swiping their credit cards to do online payments. This issue has been very easily fixed with the safe, simple and effective payment gateways like PayPal. You need to just opened an account with PayPal and connect your account with your banks and that’s it. You can start giving your PayPal email id to your buyers those who wanted to pay online with your E-Commerce Website Portal.

    Aeroi can help you on creating E-Commerce Web Development plan in a more professional and innovative way which will definitely stand away from your competitors, those who have similar E-Commerce websites but not making enough sales online due to following reasons:

    Lack of graphic user interface (GUI)
    Absence of proper information about the product and services
    No proper refund policy
    No education to the clients before buying the products online
    No FAQ and proper communication on the products displayed
    Failed to create the confidence in customer’s mind etc., etc.,
    Absence of efficient Content Management System (CMS)
    No proper SEO activities
    Following non ethical practices to brand products online